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Standardized Testing

"Georgia’s Home Study law (GA Code Ann. 20-2-690-(c)(7), requires that children take a national standardized achievement test every three years, beginning at the end of the third grade..."


"These are the five most commonly used achievement tests. Each has a total composite score and subscores. It is recommended that you use the same achievement test each time you test in order to be able to compare the scores..."


Educational Diagnostic Prescriptive Services
Jill J. Dixon, B.S.Ed, M.Ed.

122 Rose Dhu Way, Savannah,GA 31419
*payment is due at the address above by March 24, 2020*
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There are basically two types of yearly educational testing that evaluators use to assess students.

Standardized Testing: Standardized or Normed testing compares students to a large group of other public

and private school students of the same age and grade nationwide. Standardized Tests give mainly grade equivalent scores and percentile ranks. The Georgia Department of Education requires standardized testing for homeschoolers every three (3) years beginning at grade 3. (Grades 3, 6, 9, 12). You are not required to turn the results in, but are to keep them in your records.

Diagnostic Testing: Diagnostic testing does not compare students to a large group of the same age, but provides very specific information about a student’s ability (strengths and weaknesses) for his particular grade level in all the subjects addressed in standardized tests, plus handwriting, grammar, creative writing, history, science, and map skills. The revised Diagnostic Prescriptive Assessment for grades K-5th IS AN EXCELLENT PREPARATION TOOL FOR STANDARDIZED TESTING .This test is administered and scored by parents and serves as a scope and sequence guide. It contains a remedial strategies section for correcting academic weaknesses. It also has an evaluation form used for portfolio record keeping which is a requirement in GA.. To order, go to .

2020 Group Standardized Testing: I will be administering the Stanford Achievement Test for grades 3-12 only. This test measures reading decoding and comprehension, vocabulary, math, language, spelling, study skills, social studies, and science. I recommend Spectrum Practice tests from Barnes & Noble. Each student must bring 2 (two) #2 pencils, plenty of scratch paper, a book to read, a large healthy snack, lunch and 2 drinks each day. STUDENTS IN GRADES 7-12 ARE PERMITTED TO USE CALCULATORS. Dates are: May 19th and 21st for grades 3-12. Please note that most 11th/12th graders will finish in 1 day on May 19th.

Cost: $55.00 per student (3RD GRADERS ARE $65.00 PER STUDENT DUE TO TEST BOOKLET THAT CAN BE WRITTEN IN.) This includes the cost to purchase the test, the administration, shipping charges, shipping insurance fees, computerized scoring, and explanation of scores. .The results take about 3 weeks to come back and are NOW sent by email. YOU MUST INCLUDE THE EMAIL ADDRESS WHERE YOU WANT THE RESULTS SENT ON THE BLANKS BELOW, AND YOU MUST CHECK YOUR EMAIL. IT WILL COME FROM or Bob Jones University Press. All test results must be accessed by June 30th.

Testing is held at White Bluff Presbyterian Church from 9:00- 2:00 each day. Students should arrive by 8:45 each day.

PLEASE NOTE: On May 19th, I need parents of 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th graders to come at 8:30 promptly and fill in personal information for each child on the bubble sheets.

Full payment and registration for the Stanford Achievement Test must be received by March 24th. No payment, registration, or individual orders will be accepted after that date.



Send registration and payment by March 24th , 2020, to Jill J. Dixon, 122 Rose Dhu Way, Savannah, GA 31419 Contact: [email protected] Make payment to: Jill Dixon PLEASE DO NOT HAND DELIVER ANY REGISTRATION FORMS.


I MUST have the date of birth for each child.

Student’s name (s) ____________________________Grade _______DOB____________

___________________________________________Grade _______DOB____________

___________________________________________Grade _______DOB____________



Parents’ Name ________________________ Total enclosed: _________Ck.#:_________


Parent’s Address_______________________________________________________



Home Phone:___________ Cell Phone:___________Emergency Contact:____________


Parent’s Email (MUST HAVE) __________________________________________



*********Please note that no reminder of test dates will be sent out or verification of received order. Check your bank for verification of cashed checks after April 1st and MARK YOUR CALENDARS.




Test Suppliers

This list is for informational purposes only. FEFC does not endorse one supplier over another. Please plan to order your testing materials well in advance of your testing dates.



  • Triangle Education Assessments
    Iowa, Stanford (paper and online which doesn’t require a B.A.), TerraNova2—which is the new CAT/6 and doesn’t require a B.A, BASI, Woodcock-Johnson III, Brigance (for developmentally 7 years and younger)
    Cognitive Abilities tests: CogAT, OSLAT (paper and online which doesn’t require a B.A.)
    Career Tests: Strong, MBTI
    Practice Tests